Mission & Goals

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  • Share the experiences on Telerehabilitation
  • Improve access to rehabilitation services
  • Support independent living
  • Collect the evidences for Telerehabilitation efficacy
  • Discuss ideas and solutions on Telerehabilitation


  • Collect information about the projects already done or ongoing
  • Collect information about the centres that work on Telerehabilitation
  • Maintain a website as a meeting point
  • Develop clinical and technical standards on Telerehabilitation
  • Look at to cost/effectiveness ratio
  • Organize forma or informal meeting in international congresses

Special Interest Group on Telerehabilitation

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The World Federation of Neurorehabilitation activated a Special Interest Group on Telerehabilitation (SIGOT) during the World Congress on Neurorehabilitation (WCNR) of Hong Kong on February 2006.

The aim of this group is:

  • to promote and improve studies in this field;
  • to exchange experiences from different countries
  • to get in touch with research groups worldwide who are studying this topic.

This web site is the meeting point for the different experiences on Telerehabilitation field. The Telerehabilitation is strictly connected with the robotic rehabilitation. In fact the electronic controls of the devices could be easily connected to the Telerehabilitation systems. For this reason this sit will treat also the use of some robotic system looking at the efficacy independently from the remote connection.

A core part of the site is the Forum where you can exchange experiences and proposal about telerehabilitation. This is an interdisciplinary group and medical doctors, physical doctors, engineering etc. are welcome.